May 3rd Meeting Recap

Yesterday, we held our May society meeting and it was a wonderful experience. If you could not be there, we wanted to share with you a few highlights!

At the beginning of the meeting, we asked participants to share either what they know about their family history, or share information regarding their current research. We heard a number of interesting perspectives — one attendee learned her family descended from royalty overseas; another has documented more than six generations back to ancestors directly from Africa. One attendee shared how he’s researched his family back to pre-Civil War and has even inspired his daughter to pick-up the torch and continue the family research. Hearing everyone’s perspectives are a great motivator for others, including myself!

We then were delighted to hear an entertaining presentation from Rossi Turner. Rossi  has traveled around the world, meeting neighbors from many countries and destinations. He shared with the group details of his experiences and several stories from his travels. Below is an image of Rossi sharing pictures and information about the part of his travels visiting Thailand.


Rossi has a lot of experience and stories to share – we can definitely expect to hear more from him in the future and  his ongoing business ventures for “Rossi on Safari.”

Thanks to everyone who joined us this weekend and we hope to see more of you next time for Carl Bryant’s presentation on his personal family research!


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